Juicing Cannabis UPDATE plus getting high.

So I began juicing cannabis a couple weeks ago. Having been wanting to do this for a very long time.  And I reported, even advertised, that this was a great way to get all the super beneficials that this plant has to offer without a "lift" whatsoever.  Because there really are some that do not want that "lift".

Personally I have never done well with THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid in 'Marijuana').  Being a somewhat high energy (strung?) type, I wanted to like it and receive that unwinding or chilled out effect.  However for me it was the exact opposite.  I feel like my body is under attack and I get anxious, thoughts racing and even feel nauseated.


So I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is not the case when I smoke a hit or two of CBD hemp flower.  I can actually relax!  As time went on however I came to find that too much CBD also did what THC did to me!  Since I formulate CBD products, I use CBD oil regularly.  I also enjoy CBD products such as lollipops, soda, ect.  BUT if I should get too much on me and have also had some whether it be oil, juice or smoke, I know when I have had too much. First my stomach will feel under attack and then I will get the uncomfortable feelings of anxiety and paranoia that I stated above.

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This is why dosing is so IMPORTANT!    
Now mind you, most are not as sensitive as me.  More often than not folks can consume large amounts with no issues but drowsiness.  Yet I always tell people to begin with a low dose and work your way up.  Besides it is all about what you are trying to get from it anyway.

Are you using it for menstrual cramps or arthritis?  Or do you need it on a more cellular level for Lyme disease or Fibromyalgia?

Some may smoke it daily for balance.  (Example those with PTSD)

These are all things to take into consideration.

I found this to be true with the juicing as well.

This came to me as a real shocker.
I was having one of my powerhouse cannabis drinks when an hour later, I felt it creeping on.  My stomach went sour and my anxiety rose.  I knew about 5 minutes later I must have consumed too much and I only had a drink that day.

SO I am writing this to say even though the cannabis plant was not in flower, I used only fan leaves for my drink, I still got a "lift".  It was a more mild effect but it happened, I cannot deny.
Now you will find that you cannot get high from the fan leaves which is why I am reporting otherwise.  Although for most, they may not.   

My hypothesis is that it happened because of the consistent daily drinking (can we have a build up?) and I did put more leaves in the drink that day.  (I used only cannabis leaves versus using a mix of cannabis and kale.) 

So now you know!


Please share your experience with this plant!  There is so much we have yet to learn!




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