Hawk Rock Vista Duncannon PA

Hawk Rock Vista is located in Duncannon, PA.  It is called "Hawk Rock" because from a distance it is said to look like a hawk, sorry I don't have those pictures.  It is about a 2 mile hike, round trip, which includes 2 vistas -both overlook the Susquehanna River.

All hikes were completed with 9 children, ages 14 to 1 year old, to help you understand that anyone willing, can make it to both vistas.  Yes, one was carried most of the time and the other was carried when the terrain was not flat.

The Duncannon Overlook is also included in this hike, if you make a loop and do not walk back the way you went.  We parked at the Hawk Rock Parking AreaDo not walk down the stone road, instead head up the trail before the stone road, on the left (when facing the stone lane).  We stayed on the right hand trail up to Hawk Rock first.  There will be only one other trail on the left (y's off), stay straight (the right trail) and you will go through the stone mountain side steps in the picture below. 

Once you make the hard left hand turn in the trail you are all but there (Hawk Rock).

Once at Hawk Rock, if you head straight up the hill there is also a clearing which includes a stone fire pit.  From the clearing, with Hawk Rock behind you, the right hand trail is the Appalachian Trail heading away from the Duncannon Overlook and away from your car if you park where we did.  So we took the left hand trail (towards the river) across the top of the mountain.  The rest of the hike can be found in "Duncannon Overlook" instead of repeating and/or writing it twice.


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