Purple Dead Nettle, for allergy sufferers!

Lamium Purpureum

Purple Dead Nettle, a member of the mint family (you can tell by its' leaves) is said to help reduce the symptoms of allergies.

The Mr. (The Chief) has allergies.  They occur when he mows the yard or simply when things begin to grow.  Since we have only now come across this information I can't say if they work or not but it is sure worth a shot, no?

The leaves and flowering heads are edible.

They taste very "green", I like it.  But the chief says, meh.

You can dry them, consume them as tea, in salads or smoothies (if you gotta sneak em' in (^_−) ).    

They are called "dead" because although they are a nettle, they do not sting.  Hence the 'dead-ness'.    

They are found almost everywhere and anywhere.
I'm sure many of you have seen them but just didn't know they are a powerhouse for fighting inflammation.  Abundant in vitamins, specifically vitamin C, iron and fiber, and the oil inside its seeds are packed with antioxidants making it a choice "weed" indeed.     
Medicinally they are also known for their anti-microbial and anti fungal properties. So making a poultice from them is also beneficial.

To date, there are no known contraindications.

Can you spot the purple dead nettle amongst the chickweed?
What a lovely patch of wild nutrition!


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