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All about Shampoo Bars

Recently I had a customer who was not happy with her shampoo bar. (。•́︿•̀。) This is why it took me so long to formulate one.  Honestly, using natural products altogether can be a bit of a learning curve as most of us are just so use to the way mainstream products seemingly leave our hair & skin. I blogged a bit about shampoo & conditioners here while I was trying to decide whether or not I wanted to offer them for sale.  As we moved forward my thoughts were this; 1.) I do not want my customers to be dissatisfied with their purchase. 2.) Yet I do want folks to go all natural, for the sake of their health, for the sake of holism.   3.) However, a shampoo bar may not be for everyone. After my first dissatisfied customer I quickly realized, 4.) Education is the answer here. So onto the point of this blog post.  Hopefully it addresses all of the above. What is the difference between a soap bar and a shampoo bar? Soap bars have skin nourishing ingredie

Juicing Cannabis; Real Experience, 3 Ways

As the Cannabis 'industry' takes off we are experiencing many avenues left to be (re) discovered, at least for the masses. One of the issues that a grower (both those for fiber & those for flower) will encounter is what do we do with all the trimmings or fan leaves as they are known by growers. See most people embrace the Hemp industry with the sustainable/holistic vision in mind.  It's a good fit, no? ....And then they come to the trimmings. ..... Many will stuff them into a paper bag and toss them out!◖|◔◡◉|◗ That seems crazy, am I right?! Sure you can place them around your plant(s) for nutrients but some may find they have an abundance of them, especially if you are in the pruning is best category of growing. It may surprise you that the fan leaves are desired by almost as many as the flower. The issue here is many prefer them fresh and unless you know a grower, this can be almost impossible.  (⌣_⌣”) Yet, I do encourage you to make attempts to contact a

Getting to know Poppies

This season the chief planted some deer proof garden flower mix & North American wildflower mix. He knew us girls would love it and it was beneficial for keeping the deer at bay as well as invoking pollinators. Hard to believe that the all these beautiful photos came from these 2 seed packs! As they began to bloom, he soon noticed something was eating the flowers off the long stems of an unidentified hairy flower bud. But wasn't this suppose to be a "deer-proof flower mix"? Σ(・ิ¬・ิ) We were intrigued and had to find out what was so delicious. ...Would we even get to see any bloom? As space would allow, I matched some shirely poppy flowers to the hairy stems and leaves that were munched at. What was taking a liking to it, was yet to be caught. As my green blood got the best of me I instinctively (perhaps foolishly) nibbled at one of the soft as a rose petals 'to see what I could see'. It was pleasant, as my palate is also of t