Chickweed! A Stellar herb

My one daughter often comes to me with excitement of her outside findings,

"Can I eat this, mom?".

I'm usually into something and reply with, we must identify it first and sometimes trying to identify something can take days.  By then the picked subject has faded and gets tossed aside.

(Failed mom. ...Yeah, I'm not perfect.)

This one day she brought me a chickweed flower and I recalled already recording it in our Wild Edibles journal.  These journals are fabulous in that we have them to reference, as field guides and to pass along to others.  They are culminated and added to during "school" and this one act fulfills many subjects.  From health, to science, handwriting and art.
(It may often take up the entire day with study of just one plant.)

Then we decided it would be a great addition to the blog.

But when we reviewed Chickweed and all its' awesomeness, we came across this video.

And we couldn't state this information any better.  So we had to share...  

This year we will be watching out for the wild chickweed to go to seed and plant some in our garden, for sure!


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