Large family breakfast hacks for nourishment

Well I have sooo many hacks to share, being a large family you tend to streamline as much as possible.  And becoming resourceful just happens.

I mean who wants to spend all day stuck in breakfast mode?  
 So the Chief mentioned listing them here on our D.I.Y page, for those interested.
Well he actually wanted me to list recipes but I get so tired of thinking about food.  ...I mean it happens after 15 years of cooking, every. single. day.  

Albeit my first post will be on breakfast since we all start here, daily.  

I prefer smoothies when the weather is warmer but as the air cools and you are spending a week in a tent while the rain just seems to accompany you wherever you go, a warm bowl of 'mush' is actually appetizing and comforting.

But healthy?

Well most doctors will tell you that oats are indeed a wise choice.  And I LOVE a quart of oat straw infusion!  But oats have never been well with me.  Years ago, too many that I can barely recall, I read Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions book.  If you somehow have missed this book, you should really check it out.  So much awesome stuff in there.

This is when I first heard of soaking grains, nuts and seeds.  I'm not going to go into it here but still to this day I soak my nuts and when we have oatmeal I do the overnight soak.  This makes it much easier for me to digest them and I don't feel as bloated and weighed down either.
But like a real mom, I forget to do the overnight soak from time to time.  This is when we resort to instant oatmeal.  You know the ones, they are super cheap and are usually loaded with a bunch of artificial ingredients.


And yes, I still succumb to them.  After all, I am recovering food snob, so this makes it ok.


The sense of it may not be there but we have these instant oatmeal boxes on back up most of the time.  They keep forever, they are inexpensive and do just as well in a pinch.

Walmart has come out with some new flavors, the kiddos like birthday cake.  I like the salted caramel and chocolate, almond & coconut.   

Fortify your kids

But to fortify it I first add a half scoop of protein powder.  Now you can buy these instant packets with added protein powder to them these days but that is silly.  If you already use pro. powder and have it, it is much more economical in the larger quantity and you can use it for other things then too.  Plus you probably are not getting as much per serving as we are adding here, generally 15 grams depending on which brand you use, for half a scoop.

The scoop on protein powder

I could do an entire post on protein powder alone but they are boring.  We have tried so many different brands, the high cost ones (supposedly better quality) versus the cheaper ones and you know what, we use Aldi's vanilla.  It is all but dirt cheap as far as whey protein powder goes.  And it passed the tribe's tests; mixing fine, tastes like protein powder and doesn't make me ill.  (But I never take it alone.)  I will sometimes switch mine up with a pea protein which I prefer but it is more expensive and does not behave the same as the whey in a lot of recipes.  I listen to my body because it does seem like it likes the vegetable protein and then if I use that exclusively it will begin to seek the whey again.

But I'm really not in favor of processed food stuffs, in general.  I don't use protein powder much at all anymore ~ like I use to on the keto woe

Yet this is one way I do use it because it makes the little oat packets 'go further' upgrading their ability to satisfy and for longer, this way.    

Next, I like to add a scant teaspoon of Maca powder.  (My personal add in.)

I also add in Hemp Fiber.  (Again not so popular with the children.)

healthy living

The littles like to add in more nuts, flax or hemp seeds, chia seeds or raisins, dried cranberries or chocolate chips are a favorite, of course.


Everyone is always allowed a piece of fruit with breakfast.  We have to limit the bowls of cereal, including 'mush' and fruit otherwise they will stuff themselves at this meal and skip the other meals. 

Be Free Live Clean & Thrive

Aviel eats an apple

I'm not a coffee person.
There, I said it.


I know, I know, my mother is and my grandmother was but I just cannot tolerate it.
I love the smell but being an already high energy type coffee just sets me over the top with jitters, anxiety, and a racing heart.

Therefore I don't do coffee.

Instead I am a tea-a-holic.  And I enjoy the ones that calm me down. As stated before I need the balance here.  I like so many teas; chamomile, tulsi, astralagus, nettle, oat straw, oolong, green, Jiaogulan, and recently my new favorite is kava.

Oh kava, where have you been all my life?

the best tea for stress

And although I drink the kava 'straight up' before bed I like a bit in the am too.  Only I found that adding some vanilla almond milk to it, is very nice.  Kinda like a latte.  Kinda.

Kava lattekava tea latte

So both of the above are easy peasy as they say to put together using some 'convenience foods' and streamlining a quick, nourishing breakfast.

Note, This is not our everyday 'go to' fare.  Well the kava is right now for me but the oatmeal part.  Honestly the instant oats are an occasional breakfast substitute for us.  Some of our younger ones really need the protein to make it work.  They tend to be more wirey or spaz-like if they don't get that protein in the am. 


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