Flat Rock Vista PA

Flat Rock Vista is located just outside Colonel Denning State Park (CDSP) which is near/in Tuscarora State Forest located in the fine state of Pennsylvania.  You actually start the trail in CDSP and hike out of the park.  It is about a 5 mile round trip hike that is some what rocky and steep.  You will travel up to the top of one ridge (Blue Mountain Ridge), down that ridge, across a valley AND back up another ridge, then back down slightly to the vista.

Parking can be had at Colonel Denning State Park, there are two places.  One off the main road before the park and one that starts from with in the park.  Simply look for signs that say "Flat Rock Trail" and giddy up.  There is a big wooden sign with a map.

While hiking up both ridges pay attention to the sky!  We hiked it on a day with basically NO clouds.  While heading up both ridges it will seem dark and somewhat gloomy as if it is going to rain.  In fact we thought it was going to, but we hiked on, only to get to the top and there was not a cloud in the sky.  It can be seen in the one picture posted but we did not get pictures of the darkest parts.  Look at the sky in the up hill compared to the flats.  Yes, I have heard about the blue auroras mountains put off, I just have always been on the outside of it or did not notice it.  I am not sure if this one is stronger but I would guess that is why it is called "Blue Mountain Ridge".  However, I do know this is not the only mountain that does it, not sure if all do it, and so just another reason to add to why the hikes will continue!

For some reason Flat Rock (and a boulder field up in the Poconos and others) have rocks that have round rings into them.   Some of the rings are hollow and some have a raised spot in the middle.  They look to be natural and very old.  And NO they are NOT millions of years old and even if they were you CANNOT prove they are with your BOGUS carbon dating crap.  Anyways, if you have ever heard what causes the ring indents I would like to hear from you, unless you are going to spout on and on with your indoctrinated carbon dating religion.

Now onto some facts (uh yeah):
     ->  Most scientists say the Earth is 24,901.461 miles around the equator.
                 ->  That equates to about 6 INCHES OF CURVATURE PER MILE!
                               -> If that is true, then your grand-parents did walk up hill both ways, and no it is NOT funny!
-> At Flat Rock you can see 13 miles to the next mountain that is straight ahead you.  It's flat, must be where its' name came from, that means that 6.5 FEET of curvature NEEDS made up for!

    -> At Flat Rock your left and right view is double if not triple 13 miles!

This was the first vista hike we made and it was one of the best so far.
It was triggered by a question we wanted to answer for ourselves.  ...If I told you or even asked you what we questioned you would most likely scoff and/or mock us, most do.  So instead, I stated some of our observations to try to get you to raise the same question to yourself.  I know all of this has triggered a super strong desire in us to see more and further!!!!!!!


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