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Mushroom Appreciation; Turkey Tail

If you have been following us on our other social media platforms you may have gathered we are submerging ourselves in the fungi kingdom. Since this kingdom is still so mysterious we decided to share our adventure with you in a series called, Mushroom Appreciation. Here we will try to expound on the benefits of this kingdom although so vast.  We hope to encourage wild foraging and even pass along some cultivating do's & don't s from our own experiences. Typography Illustration by In our first series we are talking about Turkey Tail. Why?    Immune-Boosting Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom Packed With Antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that help inhibit or reduce damage caused by oxidative stress.  Contains Immune-Boosting Polysaccharopeptides. The specific polysaccharides are “Kresin” (PSK) and “Peptide” (PSP). May Improve Immune Function in People With Certain Cancers.  May Enhance the Efficacy of Certain Cancer Treatments. May

"Who talked to the apple today?" A family experiment

Hello, I'm Healthy! MOST people do not think of our words as being part of a health regimen. But the wise man once said that, "Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones". With over 27 verses in the Bible alone about the power of the tongue, it is kind of amazing that this isn't thought of as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Then you have folks talking about "the secret" or "law of attraction" and how words have great power.  ...Well, the Bible also says that all life was created by a few choice words.  And some say that could have been, abracadabra.  (1.) Lately Ive been encountering a particular enchanting kind that claim words are spells, that is why it is called spell ing.   ◔̯◔ This had me recalling many years back to when we learned of an elaborate system to set up in your garden that played music to your plants. They claimed this was making their plants happy thus producing more.