Multi Purpose Lemon Grass Vinegar Rinse

Lemon Grass Vinegar Rinse


  • A clean, empty spray bottle
(You can find these at the Dollar store or Walmart in the travel size essentials aisle, near the personal care product section.)

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
(preferably with the "mother" for more nutrients)

  • Lemon Grass Essential Oil
(Organic is best here, really, it does make a difference)


Mix equal parts of vinegar and water.  Then add a teaspoon of essential oil.  That's all there is to it.

We then hang it up on our shower caddy.  (We have different colored spray bottles to distinguish the various kinds of vinegar rinses to choose from.) 

Why Lemon Grass?
Lemon Grass Essential Oil kills germs, insects and acts as an astringent. At the same time it reduces hair loss and deodorizes.
For the soul, it boosts energy and lifts away depression.

~This rinse is a holistic, aromatherapy experience, that leaves you feeling pampered and healthy.  It is relatively cheap and easily incorporated into any natural hair care regimen.  Additionally it can help balance the ph of your under arms.  Yes, it is a very effective deodorizer and if you have been using natural deodorant and finding your arm pits to be irritated or itchy, then you'll want to stop using that deodorant for a few days and switch to this instead.  Spray it on after washing.  (Do not use it on shaved skin, ouchy!) This will not only help neutralize your delicate skin but it will keep them smelling good too.  For more about this read my post natural deodorant & why we don't sell it.  The vinegar rinse may be a bit burny at first, especially if you were having severe irritation.  But try to give it a few days and see if that helps. 

I hope you enjoy!



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