Duncannon Overlook PA

Duncannon Overlook in Pennsylvania.  I think it is located in Duncannon, but I am not sure. :-)

If you make this hike, make a loop and you will also end up at the Hawk Rock Vista, both together are a 2 mile round trip hike.  If you have not read Hawk Rock page, start there and head back to here.

From the Hawk Rock Vista we headed towards the river across the top of the mountain.  You will start heading down the "end" of the mountain ridge and there will be a place on the right of the trail to walk out on a rock to overlook the river and Duncannon.

This is a shorter hike and the only reason it is listed as medium is because from here on down the trail is narrow (one person wide) and at times rocky and some what steep.  When hiking with 9 kids (14 to 1 year old) the trail could be dangerous if they went off the down side of the trail.  However, all the kids took their time, understood they need to watch what they are doing and stayed on the trail.

Now onto what started our hikes and what most people probably miss about this overlook/vista.  There is a reason I included the zoomed out trail picture.  Before you read on, STOP reading and look at it!

Did you notice anything?  A "mustard seed" comes to my mind because there is evidence of the paleo (so ancient that we do NOT understand basically anything as to how they lived) world!  Heck the evidence even shows through the water!  I tell you me, it has nothing to do with the pyramids on EVERY SINGLE continent AND even under water, nope!  There is nothing to see here folks, move along!
Getting back to the Hawk Rock Parking Area: Continue down the mountain, you will come to a trail that heads to the Duncannon Parking Area if you go right, so go left.  Your next intersection will be the first Y (on the left) when you were heading up to Hawk Rock, so go right.
YAY, you made it and saw evidence of the paleo (so old we do not understand) world!!!!!!!!!!!


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