Reinforcements; Plant Allies!

Many of us are either sick or experiencing a loved one's sickness.  Either way the pain of illness is close.

Smoke Signals is a place to share information that encourages one another.  We believe that we have been given everything we need to live and abundant life.  This is our mantra because we want it to sink in.
It's true!

We advocate WILD EDIBLES on our side bar, to the left, for many reasons.

1.) FREE medicine!
It's wise & true that every seed bearing plant has been given to us for fruit and it's leaf for medicine.
"Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."
"Eat the rainbow"

2.) It's more than just a medicine or a food. 
It's a holistic way of living.
It's a symbiotic relationship.
It's synergy! 
We were created to consume these plants just as they were created for us to consume.
It goes in a harmonious cycle.
We give off carbon dioxide, they give off oxygen.
They adapt to the ever changing environment be it good or bad.  We in turn consume or utilize them and receive their evolved capability to ward off the environment's toxins or embrace their blood cleansing, energy giving properties. What can be more whole than this?

In fact I just read an article the other day that made claims that it is NOT about all the junk we are consuming that is making us sick rather it is about all the REAL food we are NOT consuming that is making us sick.

Now sure one can reason that when you are choosing to exchange real food for chemical laden and processed stuffs, then it is about eating junk.  But the previous statement actually puts our mindset on a different path.

That path is that when we choose to eat the real food, we are choosing life.  We are choosing to ward off sickness.

It's not a done deal.  This article was pointing out that it is actually a very plausible thing to heal thyself with plants/real food!

That's a good shift, I'd say.

3.)  Now that we know there is FREE medicine right out back and that eating it is ideal, not just for the poor or terminally sick, mind you, how do we use that information practically?

Well THIS is why we have posted our wild edibles from our back yard to show you what they look like and what they are good for.

Look at this one little patch FULL of food under foot!

Positive identification is the key here! 

But don't just take our word for it! 
We have compiled our findings from the years (still transferring them from paper/notebook to the internet) but still encourage you to do your own due diligence too.  Now as a large family we also understand how great it is to be able to hop onto a website & get that information real quick.  Which is why we choose to spend our time to do so.

You must not consume anything until you are %100 sure of what you are about to ingest.

Therefore we also encourage comments to other look a likes or your own findings in your area to help others.   

We truly desire this to be a group effort!

"The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them."

~Ecclesiasticus 38:4
~Sirach 38:4



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