Turkey Tail in the midst of winter & snow!

Immune-Boosting Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom
  • Packed With Antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that help inhibit or reduce damage caused by oxidative stress. 
  • Contains Immune-Boosting Polysaccharopeptides. The specific polysaccharides are “Kresin” (PSK) and “Peptide” (PSP).
  • May Improve Immune Function in People With Certain Cancers. 
  • May Enhance the Efficacy of Certain Cancer Treatments.
  • May Enhance Gut Health.
Additionally Turkey Tail can be foraged just about anytime of the year, abundant almost entirely throughout the plane.  It is one of the most common mushrooms as they flourish in pretty much any climate where trees grow!

All of the above makes Turkey Tail an excellent choice for a cup of immune boosting tea at almost anytime.

Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor aka Polyporus versicolor) are most commonly found on decaying hardwoods, which you will see in our video below.

  • Caps can be variable in color (light beige to orange brown, dark brown or even metallic blue) but they always have zones of light and dark bands. 
  • The caps are slightly fuzzy, think soft hairs 
  • And the undersides are whitish to beige with pores (small, round holes)
(Stereum hirsutum)  False Turkey Tail caps are also orange to brown with zones of light & dark bands as well.  And they too will have a slightly fuzzy cap.  The BIG difference is the underside.  They DO NOT have pores. Yet rest assured even the false turkey tail do not contain toxic compounds, and is non-poisonous.  And like many mushrooms, the false turkey tail has medicinal benefits too such as containing anti fungal & antibacterial properties.  (So this is not like the death cap.)

Please enjoy our short video foraging turkey tail in the midst of winter & snow.   And don't forget to subscribe if you are interested in seeing more as we cultivate many different fungi & medicinal plants & herbs. 


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