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#Zerowaste; getting real & tips from experience

It is trending, ditching the plastic.  Just as smoking tobacco has become "dis-tasteful" to some, plastic has become to others.  ...But unlike tobacco's counter part, it is only natural to desire to see cleaner beaches, roads and forget about how much trash is put out each day. The Native Americans had many practices set in place with their respect and wisdom for the land and its resources. And as history goes, the industrial age brought great expansion and has inevitably landed us to today where technology allows for us to see just what all our advancements have actually done. It is kind of a catch 22 in a way.  And now we are found in a cusp, so to speak.  Are we going to continue the way we have been going for the last century? Many find this revolutionary.  Opportunities arise for catching the wave.  But for some it brings a tidal of anxiety and uncertainty. As a family that continues to grow, we get all of the above.  We do. And having begun down our j

Happy Feet!

"At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty ...."  (~Shanti)  Your feet are your carriage.  Your only carriage.  And they often go for long periods of time with no attention whatsoever.  Especially in the colder seasons when they are covered up by socks and shoes for the better part of the day.    Personally I do my best to be barefoot as much as possible.  I just delight in the feel of the earth on my soles.  In the picture below my feet were getting a tranquil, enchanting, zen-like experience from this lush green grass like stuff surrounding our garden. I'm not so sure about 'grounding' or 'earthing' as it seems a bit woo-woo for even me but I do know that this just feels great!  And perhaps there may be something to it hence the reason why I hate shoes.   Buddha says, "The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground."  And just maybe we feel a sense of belonging when our feet engage with the soil?  Or perhaps it is jus