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Overcoming in a world of doom

Grandma:  "What is it?" Kids:  "Just more of Dad's bugs." (☉_☉) The Chief has been growing from seed, raising and cultivating our food & medicine for more than 15 years.  He is the green thumb, not I.  He prefers to be recognized as a seed sower, and by the size of our family, this rings true, in more ways than one.    So this is why you can find our home literally filling up with ladybugs, fruit flies (to feed the ladybugs), worms (yup- we have a worm farm), praying mantises, green lacewing eggs, assassin & pirate bugs.  Oh MY! ...Just when you think the mini fruiting chamber (mushroom cultivating) in your bedroom is getting a bit wild.   What do all the bugs have to do with growing food and medicine you may wonder. Well we are only as healthy as the food we eat, no? The food we eat is as healthy as the soil it feeds on and the environment it thrives in. In other words, healing the land is part of healing ourselves. T