Juicing Cannabis; Real Experience, 3 Ways

As the Cannabis 'industry' takes off we are experiencing many avenues left to be (re) discovered, at least for the masses.

One of the issues that a grower (both those for fiber & those for flower) will encounter is what do we do with all the trimmings or fan leaves as they are known by growers.

See most people embrace the Hemp industry with the sustainable/holistic vision in mind.  It's a good fit, no?
....And then they come to the trimmings. .....
Many will stuff them into a paper bag and toss them out!◖|◔◡◉|◗
That seems crazy, am I right?!

Sure you can place them around your plant(s) for nutrients but some may find they have an abundance of them, especially if you are in the pruning is best category of growing.

It may surprise you that the fan leaves are desired by almost as many as the flower. The issue here is many prefer them fresh and unless you know a grower, this can be almost impossible.  (⌣_⌣”)
Yet, I do encourage you to make attempts to contact a local grower and ask them.  I mean what if they are throwing them out?!  Ask your dispensaries about where they are sourcing or your local CBD shop is most likely a wealth of information.  Just be sure to seek plants that have not been doused in fungi,insecti or any other -cide.

So WHAT exactly do you do with these trimmings?  After all they do not contain any psychoactive ingredients that most seek this plant out for.
Who wants to waste time with the leaves?

To answer the second question, the main benefits of utilizing the leaves are you will not get high from them.  Because just as many folks are looking for the plants medicinal benefits without that 'lift'.  And still those who enjoy a 'lift' may also desire all the benefits of the rich phytocannabinoids CBDA and CBG that this plant has to offer.  This truly is the best of the best in super foods. Second only to soy in its mineral density. We know Omega 3 fights inflammation and the cannabis plant is a super in this vital nutrient as well.     

The most popular ways to utilize the trimmings are juicing and making the famous canna-butter.

Today we are going to explore juicing.
(Because thus far that is what we have the most experience with and you know there seems to be a lot of folks these days talking about stuff they never even tried or are experienced with. ¯\(°_o)/¯ )
You can find enough information about juicing this plant if you search. And all agree, 
Juicing is by far the best way to reap the nutritional value of cannabis  
You will also find that "fresh is best".   

But the stems contain high levels of fiber.  (I sure would use this as a fiber supplement.)  Their tough, woody texture and insoluble nature makes them not so palatable.  Yet like the other super green, kale, I find it best to freeze it.  This makes it easier to blend/grind up as the fibrous makeup is somewhat broken down by the freezing process without compromising (for the most part) its medicinal value.

Does this make sense?

The experiment...

We first tried juicing it with our juicer.

Yes, that is an ancient Jack Lalanne juicer.  (Because we were juicing way before the famous vitamix and now have too many kids to make that vitamix purchase. :oP)
Many juicers (before vitamix) extract the pulp (AKA fiber) from the fruit and or vegetable for a more pleasant 'juice'.
This works.  Usually.
But when you are juicing plants with not much water content you are going to need an *abundance* of said plant to make a tiny little shot of juice.

Seriously?  Yeah.

Then you are faced, yet again, with what do I do with all this 'pulp'?

Your right back at square one!
And yeah, one could go on to making something like canna-butter with it or even a tincture or extract and that is all doable.
I don't have time to do that each juicing so now what?
So I ran the 'pulp' again through the juicer and score, I got more juice.

But do I have the time to do this each juicing?
"This is for the birds," is all I could hear in my head, in my mom's voice.  (‾◡◝ )
Then it occurred to me, I can blend it, in the blender! 
So I did.
And that worked too.  I always put water in first and ideally you could use coconut water.  This would be perfect for the coconut's MCT fats to help your body utilize the cannabis's nutrients!✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)
Then add your trimmings/leaves.
Blend, blend well.
And wallah, green cannabis juice.

We still experience some 'pulp' but it wasn't bad.
The chief drank it down.
I like to add other things to mine.
I prefer celery and lemon but the chief does not like this.
The children like it mixed with frozen berries and a frozen banana.

There are recipes out there but each person's tastes are their own.
So do your own experiments.
Then it occurred to me why don't I freeze this just like we do with the kale?
So we did.

From my perspective, this is the best way to juice cannabis.

a good ole' blender
And now that this discovery has been made.  Can we not find some folks to freeze & ship it?!

Now there’s a way for everyone to drink in the benefits and good vibes of this plant.     
Questions, comments, concerns, or would you like to share your own experience?
Don't be shy!




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