"Who talked to the apple today?" A family experiment

Hello, I'm Healthy!

MOST people do not think of our words as being part of a health regimen.

But the wise man once said that, "Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones".

With over 27 verses in the Bible alone about the power of the tongue, it is kind of amazing that this isn't thought of as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Then you have folks talking about "the secret" or "law of attraction" and how words have great power. 

...Well, the Bible also says that all life was created by a few choice words.  And some say that could have been, abracadabra.  (1.)

Lately Ive been encountering a particular enchanting kind that claim words are spells, that is why it is called spelling.


This had me recalling many years back to when we learned of an elaborate system to set up in your garden that played music to your plants. They claimed this was making their plants happy thus producing more.


It certainly sounds that way.        

Of course words have always been a thing for me.
I can recall being 5 years old and often in the corner or set apart from the rest of the children because I talked waaay too much.
They just chalked it up as being a "social butterfly".
The truth, I was foolish.
But as I grew, I learned from my father the power of silence.  And being an observer has many benefits too. ......
Then my husband taught me a lot about my words and how to better communicate, learning "man talk" is a real learning curve.  
And the Scriptures taught me even more as wisdom and understanding flooded in. 
Soon it became obvious, words are way more than mere surface level communication, although beneficial.  Words are also a form of energy.  Words are used by spirits.  Words definitely have power.

Of course when you have a house FULL of little ones, it is noisy.  Many will call this joyful chaos and that sums it up well but the truth is it can be overwhelming and silence is golden too.

Now both my husband and I are authentic individuals.  We do NOT sugar coat to our children, in fact the chief is honest to a fault and sometimes a bit rough around the edges.  And while I am definitely the more optimistic & free spirit kind, I cannot stand to be fake.  In other words, our words can be harsh & quite sobering.
We are not that always happy or quiet family.  That's just not us.   

With that said, our children are just that, children.  They fight, call names, and some pair up & squabble, compete & try to one up each other ALL day long.  Yeah, it's real.
And while we raise them up in the way they should go and teach often about the power of the tongue, they are children.  Strong willed & intelligent children.  ....And the truth is they learn best by example.
(Some people's parents. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ...Yes, I'm talking about myself.)

So then I see this project that another family did with an apple.
(Sorry, I cannot recall them to give credit, I really did try, it was on Instagram.)
They took an apple and cut it in half.  Then they placed one half in a bag and spoke kind words to it.  The other half went into a bag and harsh, cruel & mean words were spoken to it.
The outcome was a bit unbelievable.
I mean like I said, I knew the power of the tongue.  I not only intelligently knew of it but practically experienced its fruits and rottenness too.
But the outcome still amazed me.

So I decided to give it a try, after all, it was a good learning experience for us all.
For weeks I was reminding the brood daily,
"Did anyone talk to the apple today?"
It became quite comical.

I made sure to cut the blemish through the center so each half would contain it equally
And so the experiment went.
Not without some reflection on how this would be best to do while the growth of the apple was taking place versus after the fruiting.
Another thing we found a bit uneasy was variables.  Such as how much air & humidity had been captured in each bag.  And keeping it in a room where they would get equal environmental stabilities was to be considered.
Then the most keen thought came to quite a few children about mid experiment, that it was more than just our words that would make a difference in an outcome but rather our feelings behind those words.

AH-HA!  Light bulb moment for sure.

Isn't that where the real power manifests?
Words can be just that, nothing at all.  If there is no real feeling behind it it's rather lukewarm & vain.

But coming from the heart.  That's genuine energy.

We ended up with similar findings as the previous family.  And it still amazed me, yeah perhaps I'm easily amused but there is just sooo much to glean from this.

As love waxes cold in these days due to all the sin, it is prudent to glean from this!

Additionally one of the most beneficial thoughts & words that I have personally found to be like taking your daily vitamins is thankfulness.  A heart of gratitude and acknowledgment of where it all comes from is paramount in a healthy, well balanced individual.  

Balanced & whole includes men & women of integrity.  "Let your yes be yes and your no be no."  Herein lies the power of authority, & coupled with the Father, "who can be against us?".

And all of the above doesn't just go one way, however.  May we not be extremists but again, balanced & whole.  After all, the Savior did not use quiet & happy, feel good words all the time.  I recall many of them going something like, "brood of vipers, blind guides, hypocrites, fools, serpents, how long shall I be with you, how long shall I suffer you?".  And even to His disciples He replied, "ye of little faith,".  But His words certainly had authority.

We are exhorted to test the spirits. 

And within the above, another view presents itself.

We are not an apple. 

We have been granted choice. 
If words can be lukewarm & vain then so can we be towards those words.
Ultimately we choose how those words can or do not effect us.  And in that, is great power too!

So in conclusion, this experiment proved to open up conversation.  It helped us to see kinesthetically that our words are not something to be taken lightly, *unless we know* that the person saying them is speaking untruths or just being malicious.  We can choose how to react to it.  We can receive the message and learn from it, and take action.  We can choose to speak kindly back yet walk away from it.  After all, it is their words, a reflection of their heart.
I was happy that this came through the experiment because otherwise it paints a picture of victim mentality, which is not whole nor healthy. 

I also found it interesting to mention some are making music with plants.  Yeah and its cool.  They are hooking the plants up to some kind of electrical wire that transports the information the plants are giving off and then changes it to a binary code in which the software can play back in the form of music as we know it, and hear them.  And when one touches the plant, it will give off a different sound.     

...This kind of reminds me of a baby translator.

And while plants are living entities with healing abilities, and as much as I admire their creation, and our symbiotic relationship, it doesn't change the fact they have not been given choice.   

What are your thoughts on all or any of this?  Have you ever done a similar experiment?  What were your results?  I sure would love to hear!!!

Join the conversation, comment below.
1.)   https://www.chaimbentorah.com/2018/06/hebrew-word-study-abracadabra/



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