#Zerowaste; getting real & tips from experience

It is trending, ditching the plastic.  Just as smoking tobacco has become "dis-tasteful" to some, plastic has become to others.  ...But unlike tobacco's counter part, it is only natural to desire to see cleaner beaches, roads and forget about how much trash is put out each day.

The Native Americans had many practices set in place with their respect and wisdom for the land and its resources.
And as history goes, the industrial age brought great expansion and has inevitably landed us to today where technology allows for us to see just what all our advancements have actually done.

It is kind of a catch 22 in a way.  And now we are found in a cusp, so to speak.  Are we going to continue the way we have been going for the last century?

Many find this revolutionary.  Opportunities arise for catching the wave.  But for some it brings a tidal of anxiety and uncertainty.

As a family that continues to grow, we get all of the above.  We do.

And having begun down our journey about 15 years ago, we have a couple tips for you.

1.)  #Zerowaste is not a destination.  I know it sounds like it.  But it is, just like living, a continual process.

It is not going to happen overnight.
You don't have to ditch all the plastic in your home and switch all your consumables within one day, week or even year.  Think about it.  All that trash you just tossed still has to go somewhere, right?  This to me, sounds more like an economy boost, no?

It is small choices we make each and every day.  And most of them are just common sense and simply wiser practices.

You may be too young but I remember when the food you bought at a grocer like salad dressing and milk came in a glass jar.  And you reused that glass.  And now I see that glass at antique markets being sold to those #zerowaste seekers.

(Note that was a tip within a tip, shop second hand when possible. :o))

2.)  Put your money to use.  Many large companies will market to trends.  This means you must do your own due diligence.

Read labels!  

Stay up to date with what they can get away with.  Just because they label something natural or organic doesn't necessarily mean you are getting a superior product.  There are so many political, bureaucratic & just down right shady executions involved.  You may want to check out our blog post When is Organic Better and no this isn't just another dirty dozen list.

Or you could get to know where your food is coming from by developing friendships with local farmers/CSAs.  Supporting the small businesses in your community is wise and noble, after all it is your environment.

Keep in mind, you can vote with your money.  This is powerful!  Even new banking methods are on the rise, with Aspiration being committed to divesting from oil and gas and instead using one's money in places that may align with your values.  It is worth shopping around.   

We just found a local credit union that not only has been terrific to work with but had offered us a lower interest rate than we could find anywhere else.

It only took us ...years.  (Refer back to tip #1)

And now for a shameless plug, TribalMama.com offers an array of #zerowaste products from affordable bamboo handled, activated charcoal infused bristle toothbrushes to natural & nourishing bar soap that can be used as shampoo & shave bars too.  These are a 3 - in - one bar with serious aromatherapy experience.  We also offer refills for our lotions bars & rose water.
And as always we offer plant based personal care products that are formulated without the use of over 400 man made synthetic chemicals.

We are intentional about living an abundant life!  
One step at a time.  Together we can make small changes.  Let us know some of your small steps and please share your tips going #zerowaste!




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