This Week's Featured Product; tooth powder & a GIVEAWAY!!!

Ever wonder why bones and other tissues are able to heal and regenerate, but not teeth?

We are told that the same vitamin (well hormone actually, speaking of "vitamin" D that is) & minerals that are good for making strong bones are also good for our teeth. 

So might it be possible to aid our teeth back to a better state of health as well as say, a broken bone?

And do our teeth really tell the state of our overall health, like many a dentist  preach?    

In fact, all of the above is what many doctors have been saying for a long time now.
Dr. Weston A. Price, Sir (Dr.) Edward Mellanby, Dr. Thomas E. Levy, medical researcher Ty Bollinger & others all conclude that diet affects oral health and your oral health determines your overall well being. 

According to many more doctors, the same bacteria that cause gum disease can also cause heart disease.  And thus having more plaque in your mouth can lead to or be a symptom of having more plaque in your arteries.
Either or is a predictor of heart attack and stroke.  ...And why it has been said that folks who floss their teeth have less risk of the above. 

Your dental health is important and should not be ignored, as it is directly related to your overall health. 

After years of research, three key factors continue to show up as the main role in tooth structure...
  • The presence of enough minerals in the diet.
  • The presence of enough fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) in the diet.
  • How bio-available these nutrients are and how well the body is absorbing them.

Our tribe hasn't used tooth paste for more than 10 years.

~ Fluoride, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, & Titanium Dioxide are just a few reasons why. 

I, the mama, have had sensitive gums for as long as I can remember.  Every time I flossed, my teeth would bleed and sometimes even when I simply brushed them.  After only 1 week of using our tooth powder, my gums stopped bleeding altogether, even while flossing!  

The above statement has not been evaluated by the food and drug administration nor is it to say that this product will treat or cure any oral issues you may have.   
What this product is and their said benefits:

USP baking soda (aluminum free)
With a 7 on the Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA) scale, plain old baking soda is known to reduce periodontal pathogens without being abrasive. I, the Mama, as stated above, have had sensitive teeth and especially gums for as long as I can remember and have used baking soda for brushing my teeth for over 10 years with no issues. Additionally baking soda supports a more alkaline oral pH, whitens teeth, and helps to shoo away bad breath.

Essential oil infused Non- GMO xylitol (sourced from birch trees not corn)
Xylitol inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause cavities, this is because these bacteria (Streptococcus mutans) cannot utilize xylitol to grow. Over time xylitol use is said to change the quality of the bacteria in the mouth thus fewer and fewer decay-causing bacteria survive on tooth surfaces. Plus it gives the tooth powder a bit of sweetness and is also diabetic friendly.
We opted to use the xylitol to help fix the essential oils to.
Each essential oil was selected for its flavor and amazing medicinal properties which include a fresh, clean feel;

We offer: 
Organic Certified Cinnamon Bark (Hot Cinnamon)
100% Pure Therapeutic grade Japanese Peppermint
100% Pure Therapeutic grade Wintergreen.
Organic Certified Clove Bud & Organic Certified Orange

Food grade bentonite clay
Composed of aged volcanic ash, this clay is superior for healing. It is a star for being able to draw out toxins from the body (teeth & gums too :o) ) but it also contains a vast range of nutrients and an abundance of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium.

Organic neem leaf powder
Optimal for removing tooth decay and gingivitis. Neem eliminates bad breath, kills the bacteria, plaque or tartar commonly building up in gums and teeth. There for it may help expose whiter teeth.

Benzoin gum powder
This too is a great fixative for the essential oils. It smells good (like the vanilla bean) and medicinally benzoin has helped with issues in and around the mouth, including cracked lips, inflamed gums and herpetic lesions.

Pure activated charcoal
Known as one of the most beneficial natural remedies for gum disease, Activated Charcoal is also an absorber, latching onto toxins (not the good stuff, just the ugly!) and absorbing stains within the teeth and gums. The RDA for Activated Charcoal is between a 70 and 90. While this is still on the lower end compared to many whitening toothpastes on the market with a RDA of 100-200, this is why we use but a small amount (it goes far anyway).

We recommend using the tooth powder once per day but if it seems more abrasive than what you are use to due to the powdered granules, aim for 3 times a week and work up to every day.  You may be surprised at how fast this takes place.  In between tooth powder brushing we have formulated a tooth oil polish which massages the teeth and gums and feels nice.  This can be used multiple times a day and some like to use it after brushing with the tooth powder, including myself.

Wet your brush, tap off excess water and use the little scooper to put a bit on your brush.  Brush as normal.  Rinse well.  Some use regular tooth paste afterward, this is not necessary.  

If you are using the tooth oil, only 3-4 drops on your wetted brush is needed.  And this brushing should be with the intentions of massaging your gums and polishing the teeth.    

WHY our tooth powder and not another company's?  Well of course I'm bias.  But I also did a lot of research and found neem leaf and oil to be a top notch, key oral ingredient that has been used in Indian Ayurveda more than 3,000 years. Additionally we selected bezoin gum powder to compliment our powder for swollen gums and sores in the mouth.  
This is what makes our powder unique in formula and sets it apart from the rest.  We do still incorporate the usual ingredients like betonite clay and activated charcoal.  These are well known now for their awesome oral care abilities but why stop there?  

We are giving away a Sensitive Oral Care Kit for this weeks featured product.  
If you ever wanted to try tooth powder and see for yourself what the hype is all about, like our facebook page and comment which flavor you would like to try.   

And then tag a friend who may also be interested in our products.  

Winner will be selected and contacted Tuesday June 26th, 2018.    

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