This Weeks Featured Product - Black Beauty

Black Beauty is the most concentrated activated charcoal bar soap we offer. Completely black, this is a very popular item when we are at the market, as activated charcoal has been getting a lot of publicity lately in mainstream media.

Known for its natural detoxifying ability, activated charcoal is used in many personal care products found in even the most notorious shopping stores such as Wal-Mart.

Why all the rage?

Many of our customers report that it is the only thing that helps with their dry skin and acne. In my post, “Is your skin trying to tell you something?” I go into some of the reasons this detoxing ingredient, activated charcoal works, especially today. And I get to the why this ingredient may be of help to so many even though the root cause can be varied from individual to individual.

What sets our activated charcoal bar soaps apart from the rest are the additional ingredients found in our formulation of each activated charcoal soap bar. It's not only the detoxifying part that helps unclog pores and cleanse it of unwanted dirt but then we add 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils for healing, skin regeneration, and toning.

Black Beauty's scent is neutral, mild and pleasing to most. 100% pure therapeutic grade Benzoin Essential Oil is added due to its aid with eczema and psoriasis. 100% pure therapeutic grade Frankincense Essential Oil is also added, as its long term use is known to help with wound healing and may decrease the appearance of scars. Additionally it has been reported to also reduce the appearance of dark spots caused from acne blemishes, stretch marks, and help with healing of surgical wounds. 100% pure therapeutic grade Amyris Essential Oil is selected for its' skin regeneration and anti-aging properties. As well as for its cooling property which relieves irritability, frustration, and sexual tension.

All of our products promote aromatherapy as well.

And as always, our base ingredients are purposely sought out for their own holistic properties.

Black beauty does include wheat germ oil which in theory should be gluten free from its refining process. Medical experts say the gluten protein is too large a molecule to be absorbed through the skin but we believe in disclosing EVERY ingredient in our products so you can make the best decision for yourself. Wheat germ oil has been added because of its amazing ability to soften and moisturize skin. And why I believe the testimonies that this black beauty bar soap helps those with very dry skin.

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