Holistic Living

What is holistic living?

Yeah, it sounds “woo-woo”.  And quite frankly I'm super skeptical about the latest trendy catchphrase, often rolling my eyes.  Yet holistic living best describes our tribe and the essence of life itself.

The slogan can simply be stated as bringing harmony and balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realm of all living things, beyond the self.  Simply stated, perhaps.  Simply achieved, not so much.  Especially in our convenient, instant gratification, indulgent world.

Plainly said, the current state of the world is in consequences of this divergence from wholism.  As few of us are taught how to live a fulfilling, nourishing life outside of making money and just getting by.

Holistic Living can be achieved when one has an understanding and respect that all things are interconnected.  Healing often takes place here.  It's about taking responsibility for our actions and choices in the knowledge that these choices indeed have consequences for all living things in creation.  But I'm not writing just about so called “green living”.  Yet another catchphrase of this generation.  That is only a small part of the big picture.

Holistic living for us, incorporates always learning and listening, growing with the changes of our environment and discerning the times, all the while keeping the Creator at heart.  These times are frightening in many aspects.  But we can still chose to be the change we want to see.

There will be many more posts on this topic as it branches out into all areas of life.  But what about you?  How do you see holistic living?  And more importantly, what actions do you take to achieve it?  Please do share. 


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