Is your skin trying to tell you something?

Over the course of formulating natural personal care products, I began crafting a line of True Soap for our tribe that I could feel good about using daily and actually like it.

I enjoyed learning about oils and butters (a.k.a. ~fats~ and how we need them!), essential oils, and lastly (still learning) all the many wonderful herbs we are blessed with. As time would have it friends and family began “ordering” soap too and retailing the products became a reality.

Just when I thought my journey had lost some of its "newness", I discovered an amazing thing taking place; people began asking me what kind of soap to use for this ailment or that. And then others were sharing their skin issues and health problems and looking for answers. As well as letting me know what products were working for them, to my pleasure and excitement.

While I fully disclose that I have NO credentials in any kind of health care, it is humbling to know that so many are experiencing the same kind of issues and ailments. And subsequently, this tells me a lot.

Psoriasis is a common inflammatory skin "disease" and thus comes up often when one is purchasing soap.
“Which soap would help me with my psoriasis?”

Well these types of questions are always so hard to answer.

First, if one thing worked for everyone then we wouldn't have so many of these cases. Second, not knowing anything about you or your life style can make it next to impossible to even recommend a certain product. And lastly all of my statements, recommendations or “hunches” are absolutely in no way evaluated by the FDA. Thus I am not intending to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Now that we have all that out of the way, I do think it best to share information.

As far as psoriasis goes, it is known to occur when there is an unbalanced proliferation of skin cells. Now why this is taking place is still quite a mystery and perhaps different for individuals. I wouldn't dare attempt to say (perhaps it has to do with the stuff they are spraying, our processed diets or cheap chemical personal care products) but there are many herbs with anti inflammatory properties and even others that have the ability to progressively slow down these unbalanced skin cells which is quite amazing.

So before you go attempting to find a particular product that can potentially aid your psoriasis or any other skin issue for that mater it really is best to look at your diet and environment first.

Now I know better than anyone that we cannot live in a bubble and even if you have the blessings of being able to consume all organic and whole foods, these skin issues may in fact still arise, we live in a fallen world. So in any event, lets take a look at some of the herbs best suited for one with psoriasis, shall we?


Milk Thistle I really can't say enough about this plant. Personally I consumed its leaves raw (thistles trimmed) and made tea from its seeds for a bit more than a year. Bye, bye, toxic liver and all of the annoying symptoms that go with it. Years before I discovered my liver was not in the best condition, I also had my gall bladder removed but today I can eat anything without experiencing any of the dreaded side effects of not having a gall bladder (digestion issues mainly with fats). I still drink milk thistle infusions on occasion years later.

Milk thistle can be used in controlling the rash (symptom) of psoriasis. Not only does it have that special ability to slow the unbalanced skin cells down from rapidly increasing, which is what makes this rash scaly and reoccurring, but it is also an anti-inflammatory.

Unfortunately this herb has yet to be clinically tested for psoriasis.

Neem Neem has been used as an herbal remedy for of all kinds of skin issues due to its fungicidal properties. It has been proven to be effective in the treatment of diseases caused by fungus, viruses and bacteria. Additionally, Neem has also shown to enhance the production of T-cells which fight infections thus considered helpful when chronic diseases are affecting one's skin and or hair.

Aloe vera This plant has been traditionally used for years, sitting on the kitchen window sill, just waiting to be plucked at when you burn yourself (mine looks very sad, I'm always burning myself). Obviously aloe has been used to treat minor injuries and irritations of the skin. Tropical Medicine & International Health reported back in 1996 the results of a clinical trial showing that application of aloe vera to the area of skin affected by psoriasis reduced lesions in a period of four weeks. Out of 30 patients in the study, 25 showed considerable improvement. No side effects were reported.

(Please note, if the herb is intended for therapeutic reasons is is advisable to do so under the care of a licensed herbalist or other health care provider knowledgeable about medicinal herbs.)
My personal “hunches” with skin ailments...

More often than not is is a diet issue in which the body is saying “More quality fats, please.”. First try adding a quality fish, cod liver or flax oil to your daily routine. This one change has helped so many from all kinds of skin ailments to arthritis and even weight loss.

Our skin is just another detoxifying organ, the largest one.

~ Stop using so many product(s). ~ Petrol chemicals and even many "natural" skin care products actually clog pores and lead to inflammation in the deepest levels of the skin's layers. Choose a detoxifying soap such as our activated charcoal soap(s) and stop using all other product(s).

*Let your body breath.*

This means sweating too! It may be rough at first but give it a week, preferably two. When the lymphatic system is bogged down the only way out is through your skin. Thus manifestation of rashes, scales, flakes, sores, bumps, pimples, blisters, cysts, boils, itching, etc. occur. This is why our activated charocoal soaps work so well for many different folks with varied ailments. Activated charcoal cleanses the pores, stimulates the lympatic system and prevents the body from absorption.

Watch your diet and note triggers. Again with the diet, I know. But common problem foods are iodine (cheap table salt), sugar and caffeine. And of course, processed food. Try swapping the table salt for high mineral salt such as pink Himalayan or Celtic sea salt. ...Something with color usually indicates substance, as in nutrients, and in this case it indicates minerals. I have found coconut palm sugar to be the best alternative to refined sugar. It works like regular sugar in baking and the taste is like that of brown sugar. It doesn't seem to give me any of the side effects that many of the artificial sweeteners do and I have tried them all. Plus it doesn't spike my blood sugar as high as regular sugar either. And for me personally, caffeine is a trigger food for break outs. Usually in the form of chocolate.

And for the really hardcore, adding at least 2 lbs. of (preferably greens) vegetables to your diet will greatly improve your metabolism, lymphatic system, hence the ability to remove waste much more efficiently. Since we are all pretty much getting by on the standard American diet (SAD) aka, processed food.

Seriously eating a huge bowel of veggies first thing in the morning has done wonders for many, including myself. And no, I don't do it religiously. But when I do not only does my skin look better (a natural glow) but I feel much better too.

Most importantly take the time to listen to your body. Psoraisis, eczema and other dermatitis is not a genetic abnormality or something you should be stuck with. It is simply a symptom of something unbalanced within your body.

And it is speaking to you to let you know something else is going on.

Please don't be shy, share your thoughts and experiences below in the comments.  


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